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Join our Bell ringers

Our St Helen's tower holds ten bells which are rung every Sunday and on special occasions.

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What is church bell ringing all about? 

Church bell ringing is a team activity that stimulates the brain and helps to keep you fit. Many bell ringers consider ringing to be their contribution to church life, others do it for the pure pleasure it brings. 

What is change ringing? 

The origins of change ringing lie in the 16th Century when church bells began to be hung with a full wheel. This innovation gave bell ringers control over their individual bell which in turn allowed a number of bell ringers to ring their bells together in continuously changing patterns. The different patterns are called 'methods'. Methods can range from being very easy to fiendishly complicated.

Who are the bell ringers? 

Bell ringers come from all walks of life and range in age from around ten to those in their eighties and even nineties. 

Why should you consider learning how to ring? 

  • Bell ringing can be a lifelong learning experience and a great mental workout
  • You will be helping maintain a traditional skill. 
  • You will be providing a service to St Helen's
  • It is a team activity 
  • Bell ringing affords the opportunity of ringing at churches all over the United Kingdom and the world

Why not come and see if bell ringing is for you? 

There is no need to be musical, strong or religious: bell ringing is for all faiths and none. 

We can also arrange for you to be able to climb the spiral stair case up the tower and see the bells yourself. There are however around one hundred. 

If you are interested in joining us, either as a visiting ringer or if you wanted to learn for the first time, please do feel free to join us at our Wednesday practice at 7.00pm in the bell tower, entrance just around the corner from the main church entrance. You would be most welcome! 

We have Ten Bell practice on first Tuesday of the month.