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Our Church Windows 

Creating designs on the glass of church windows is a familiar form of religious art, which originated in medieval times, when many people were unable to read. Some windows also act as memorials or demonstrate the wealth of the family who paid for them.

There are two distinct 'sets' of windows in St Helen's - the Victorian windows in the main body of the church and the medieval roundels set into the plain glass windows in the Chancel and Hastings Chapel.

As part of our recent Heritage Lottery funded project, Rali Studios made a series of videos, explaining the stories behind our Victorian windows. Click here to enjoy a video tour of our Victorian Windows. 

The top photo shows the window above the high altar, which is of plain glass with medieval roundels inserted into it. The bottom photo shows one of our Victorian painted windows, depicting Jesus riding into Jerusalem. 

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Window 9 Palm Sunday-compresse

Julie Starkey, 20/05/2020